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Pancakes with Blueberries


Source: 28.08.07 by Sus
Categories: Pancake, Blueberry
Yield: 3 Pancakes


200 gram Blueberries (the real ones!)
150 gram Flour
3 Eggs
100 ml Milk
100 ml Mineral Wasser (Carbonated!)
1 Pinch Salt
1 Table spoon Sugar
Oil, neutral (Safflower or sunflower oil)


PfannkuchenMitHeidelbeerenTeig.jpgMix thoroughly flour, eggs, sugar, milk and salt. Stir in the mineral water and let sit for about half an hour. Add half of the blueberries carefully.

Heat enough oil in a pan to cover the bottom. The oil is hot enough when holding a wooden stick into the oil produces little bubbles.

For one pancake give two ladles (?) full of dough into the pan and spread it. Bake golden brown on both sides, turning it not too late.

Put the pancake on a plate and garnish it with the remaining blueberries.

Variation: Mix the blueberries with cold plain joghurt or cold (whipped) cream and serve with the pancakes.

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