Easter Bread

Easter Cake Bake 2009Once again we are invited by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie to participate in her annual Easter Cake Bake.

This year I chose an Easter Bread introduced into the blog world by a real German baker.


Easter Bread

Source: Bäcker Süpke
April 11, 2009 by Sus
Categories: Cake, Yeast, Easter
Yields: 1 Cake


170 g Wheat flour
4 g Yeast
150 ml Cold milk
170 g Wheat flour
35 g Sugar
4 g Salt
1 small Egg
50 g Butter
20 g Yeast
1 Lemon, unwaxed; use the grated zest
Vanilla extract
120 g Sultanas
40 g Almonds; chopped
Apricot jelly (I used quince jelly)
Almonds; flaked


The day before wash the sultanas and soak them and the chopped almonds in milk.

Knead the ingredients (4 min. slowly, 4 min. fast), but keep the dough temperature lower than 22 °C. Otherwise knead the dough more slowly. Cover it and let it rise for about 2 hours.

Again knead the dough (8 min. slowly, then 4 min. fast). Keep temperature below 24°C! Carefully add the sultanas and the almond flakes and let rest again for 30 minutes.

Form a round loaf and put on a baking tray with baking parchment. Again leave the dough to rise (approx. 45 minutes). Keep it moist to prevent it from getting a skin.

After 30 minutes cut it crosswise. Put into the pre-heated oven at about 180-190 °C. Squirt some water into the oven to produce a lot of steam. Bake for 30 minutes. Pay attention to it during baking: the bread darkens/burns easily.

Brush the hot bread with warm apricot quince jelly and sprinkle some almond flakes over it.


– I used half again the quantities as written above. So maybe this is the reason the dough wanted to rise horizontally instead of vertically.

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