Marble Bread

breadbakingday #02 - Bread with Fruit [August 1st, 2007]This month the BBD #2 – Bread with fruit is held at Columbus Foodie’s blog in Ohio.

I like using a bread machine: Once you have put the ingredients in the pan, the machine will do the rest. And if you are exceptionally lazy in a hurry there really are some decent ready-made mixtures on the market.

For this event I wanted to bake a bread to be eaten with cheese or ham, not a sweet one. The banana made it soft, but did not taste overly strong, the nuts made it slightly crunchy and the coconut gave a nice flavour.

The banana did not distribute evenly, making it look like a marble cake and this part even got darker each day.

Banana Cashew Coconut Bread


Source: 12.07.2007 by Sus
Categories: Bread, Baking, Bread Machine, Banana, Coconut
Yield: 1 Bread


150 ml Water, at room temperature
150 ml Milk, at room temperature
1 table spoon Sugar
2 table spoon Sun flower oil
500 gram Flour
1 pck Dry Yeast
1 tea spoon Salt
2-3 Bananas, ripe
100 gram Cashew nuts; half of it chopped und half of it ground
50 gram Desiccated, shredded coconut


Put the water, the milk and the oil into the pan of the bread machine. Add the yeast together with the sugar and let dissolve for some minutes.
Add the flour, salt, coconut and cashew nuts. Peel the banana and add in slices.
Close the machine and let it do its work for about 3.5 hours, using the standard program with settings for a dark crust.

When finished, open the machine and let the bread cool down a bit before removing.

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